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Psychopharmacology Database

Psychiatric Drug Reference is a progressive web application aimed at providing clinicians with fast access to psychiatric drug information.

Quickly find indications (including off-label), dosing, side effects, clinically useful pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic information, drug-drug interactions, and prescribing pearls for special populations i.e. pregnant, lactating, patients with renal or hepatic impairment, elderly, etc. At last, a virtual Rolodex of psychopharm information, accessible anywhere and across devices.

105 Drugs So Far!

This site is being updated almost daily. Brexanolone is our most recent addition to the rapidly growing drug database.

Drug Tables

Search for Drugs by Mechanism of Action or Diagnosis

We now offer three separate tables in addition to the search bar, two sorted by mechanism of action (brand and generic), and a third new table organized by diagnoses (FDA-indicated and "off-label").

QT/QTc Quick Info

Concerned about QT prolongation when prescribing psychiatric medications?

Check out our new QT reference page with tables summarizing QT prolongation risk factors, including medication tables for both psych and non-psych meds (with comparison of high vs low risk of QT prolongation of various classes of psych meds).

Top 10 searched drugs since launching in Marcb 2017!
Top 10

2.aripiprazole 1127
3.sertraline 1040
4.fluoxetine 875
5.escitalopram 847
6.bupropion 766
7.quetiapine 739
8.mirtazapine 706
9.Depakote 688
10.lurasidone 605

Psychopharm Trivia

In 1903, Fischer and von Mering synthesized Veronal as a hypnotic barbiturate. It was, together with many barbiturate derivatives, to reign supreme for more than a generation as the remedy for insomnia.

Cytochrome P450 Table

Preventing Drug-Drug Interactions

All drugs in the psychopharm database populate our CYP450 table, organized into substrates, inhibitors, and inducers of the major CYP pathways (1A2, 2D6, 2C9/C19, 3A4).

Dose Conversion Calculators
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Side-by-side comparison of benzodiazepines

Converting a patient from one benzodiazepine to another? This benzodiazepine conversion tool shows the equipotent dose of the drug you're converting to, while comparing basic pharmacokinetic and prescribing information side-by-side.

Dose Conversion Calculators

Antipsychotic Conversion & Cross-Taper New

The antipsychotic conversion tool allows for quick calculation of equipotent antipsychotic doses for 20 different antipsychotic medications based on published chlorpromazine equivalents and provides suggested cross-taper schedule for making the switch!

Dose Conversion Calculators

Stimulant Conversion Calculator Beta

The stimulant dose conversion calculator is still in progress, and so far can convert doses to/from among Ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse, Dexadrine, and Focalin. Look for updates to this conversion tool soon!

JAMA Psychiatry's Most Viewed

Association of Increased Youth Suicides With 13 Reasons Why
Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2019

This study analyzes nearly 20 years of suicide data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as specific Twitter and Instagram posts, to estimate incidence of suicide among children and teenagers exposed to the suicide theme and depiction in the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.

Association of Antipsychotic Polypharmacy vs Monotherapy With Rehospitalization in Schizophrenia
Posted on Tuesday April 30, 2019

This national cohort study examines the use of polypharmacy vs monotherapy as maintenance treatment among adult patients with schizophrenia who have been rehospitalized for psychiatric treatment in Finland.

Esketamine Nasal Spray Plus Oral Antidepressant Treatment in Patients With Treatment-Resistant Depression
Posted on Tuesday June 04, 2019

This randomized withdrawal study compares the efficacy of esketamine nasal spray plus an oral antidepressant with an oral antidepressant plus placebo nasal spray in delaying relapse of depressive symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant depression who were in stable remission after treatment with esketamine nasal spray plus an oral antidepressant.

Evaluation of Treatment Response Differences in Schizophrenia
Posted on Sunday June 02, 2019

This meta-analysis assesses individualized response to treatment and reviews treatment-by-patient interaction among patients with schizophrenia.

Association of Hormonal Contraception With Depression
Posted on Monday October 31, 2016

This nationwide cohort study investigates whether the use of hormonal contraception is positively associated with subsequent use of antidepressants and a diagnosis of depression among women in Denmark.


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